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Half of a Symbol! Half of a dialectic!

There is a popular psychologist of psychology at Stanford named Sapolsky. He appeared on the University’s YouTube Page and the Big Think YouTube page. In his lecture about Depression, Sapolsky compares depression to a person who is in a tunnel who doesn’t realize she needs to get out of the tunnel. Likewise a recent Ted X Health lecture from the TED Talks company ran a podcast about twin sisters. One is a psychologist, and the other is a professional concert violinist. The violinist sister said emotions are a tunnel and you have to get to the other side.

Now confusingly — and the point is BOTH boring and interesting and fatalistic — the subject is the person who ventures forth with any symbols that matter. If I’m empowered enough to fix a computer program, or a leaky pipe, or escape the situation enough to get out, then I’m not going to be talking about it. That’s all X to X, apples to apples, and Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Dioxide.

Every entry and every foray, every engagement and foray into reality is a tunnel. The Depressive might stop at the first part of the tunnel. But there’s another place where she might stop in the Middle — she might stop at the point of communication without feedback. She might stop at making symbols and resolve the story at that. Finish the job. Finish the job. Finish the job. And I say, what is the job? And time goes on regardless.